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Genre: Jazz Fusion. Released: 2017-06-28.


An Unrestrained Cornucopia of Fusion, Funk, Rock, and Jazz! Jazz harmonies and improvisation are merged with rock and funk music’s hard-hitting primal beats, and fused into a euphoric, vibrant and very personal expression of sophisticated elegance and accessible grooves.


Digital download only (mp3).


Track List:

  1. Decadence
  2. Heartbeat/Humanoid
  3. Cliffhanger
  4. Naked Ladies (Interlude)
  5. Would U (feat. Emilie Molsted)
  6. Escapism
  7. Electroshock (Interlude)
  8. Man vs Nature
  9. Damn Good Coffee


Mathias Heise (chromatic harmonica/keys/vocoder)

Mads Christiansen (electric guitar)

David Vang (electric bass)

Aksel Stadel Borum (drums)


+ special guests:

Emilie Molsted (vocals on #5), Hans Ulrik (saxophone on #3), Live Strings (strings on #9), Anne Dirks (vocoder on #2)


Recorded at Sund Sound Recording Studio, Fredensborg (DK)


Produced by Erik Zobler

Mix & Mastering: Erik Zobler, Studio Zed, Los Angeles


Label: Giant Sheep Music

Mathias Heise Quadrillion - Decadence (digital)

SKU: GSM0272mp3
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