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Genre: Pop/Singer-Songwriter. Released: 2015-11-02


From organic country music to more electronic pop.


Issued in DigiPak. Shrink-wrapped.


Track List:

  1. Forever
  2. Call Me
  3. Hide From Me
  4. Idiot
  5. Your Heart Must Get Tired
  6. Nothing Else Is Working
  7. Lullaby
  8. Angel


Total duration: 00:29:16


Sille Nilsson (vocals/guitar)

Rasmus Mølck (electric bass)

Bjarke Nilsson (guitar/bass/programming/percussion)

Anders M. Pedersen (drums/percussion)

Andreas Holtti (programming/keys)

Jacob Hatholt (drums/percussion)

Jon Kjærran (pedal steel)

Tine Bjerggaard (backing vocals)

Chris Grey (backing vocals)


Produced and mixed by Andreas Holtti

Mastering: Holger Lagerfeldt


Label: Giant Sheep Music

Sille Nilsson - Nothing Else Is Working (CD)

SKU: GSM0192
  • Danish singer-songwriter Sille Nilsson has been craving for the attentive and excoriatedly honest song when working on her debut album 'Nothing Else Is Working'. All songs have been recorded live with her band in order to achieve a more vibrant and authentic expression.

    The acoustic guitar is the focal point of Sille Nilsson's songs, ranging from the very organic country music to more electronic pop music. And the songs come easily to Sille, who has about 100 songs in the rucksack.


    On this album, Sille touches on love’s many different aspects, on an inner struggle for daring to believe in love, and the accompanying loneliness and uncertainty. As the title so clearly states: 'Nothing Else Is Working' (than being with ‘the one’)!

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