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Genre: Pop/Singer-Songwriter/World. Released: 2016-11-04


Inciting, warm Afro-Cuban beats meet Danish poetry!


Issued in a CD sleeve.


Track List:

  1. Blå Oceaner
  2. Breaking News fra din Kaffebar
  3. Emma
  4. Over alle bjergene
  5. Kaffe & Kærlighed


Total duration: 00:21:03


Stig Skovlind (lead vocal/synth)

Nicolai Levring (guitars - except on #2)

Andreas Hatholt (electric bass - except on #2)

Jacob Hatholt (drums - except on #2,4)

Jonas Berg (keys - except on #2)

Rune Harder Olesen (percussion - except on #2)

Gry Harrit (backing vocals)


also featuring: Morten Fleck (backing vocals on #1,2,4), Klaus Menzer (drums on #4)


and on #2: Steffen Qwist (guitar), Julio Cesar Jimenez (piano), Lars Elswing (electric bass), Jan Andersen (drums), Klavess Larsen (percussion), Carlos Pérez (trombone), Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard (saxophone), Michael Millfield Mølhede (trumpet), Søren Phille (trumpet)

Stig Skovlind - Kaffe & Kærlighed (CD/EP)

SKU: GSM0242
  • With the EP 'Kaffe & Kærlighed' (Coffee & Love), Stig Skovlind takes the listener by the hand and paves the way into a warm, exotic world where all navigation takes place with your heart as a compass, and where world music plays a strong role as a backdrop for Stig's poetic Danish lyrics.


    Through many journeys in Central and South America, Stig Skovlind has witnessed the strong stories powered by warm, exciting beats. He wants to bring this life-affirming world into his own songs using the music to create just that special feeling of joy.

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