Genre: Rock / Country-Rock. Released: 2018-02-08.


Duration: 04:03


Music/Lyrics: Lasse Helner


Lasse Helner  (lead vocals/acoustic guitar)

Mogens Hegelund (electric guitar/backing vocals)

Kell Dalager (keys/backing vocals)

Uno Tschicaja (drums/backing vocals)

Bo Gryholt (bass)


Recorded at Kellox Productionz, Odense (DK)

Mix/Mastering: Flemming Rasmussen, Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen (DK)

The Baronets - Fifty Years On The Road (digital single)

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  • In the sixties, The Baronets played support gigs for such prominent names as The Who, The Kinks, Procol Harum, The Bee Gees, The New Yardbirds (later Led Zeppelin) and many more. In 1968 they were voted Denmark's most popular group. Now - 50 years later - these cool guys are out with a brand new song written by Lasse Helner.