Genre: R&B / Folk-Rock. Released: 2018-06-07.


Duration: 03:29


Music/Lyrics: Bob Dylan


Lasse Helner  (lead vocals/acoustic guitar)

Mogens Hegelund (electric guitar/backing vocals)

Kell Dalager (keys/backing vocals)

Uno Tschicaja (drums/backing vocals)

Bo Gryholt (bass)


Recorded at Kellox Productionz, Odense (DK)

Engineer/Mix: Kell Dalager

Mastering: Holger Lagerfeldt

The Baronets - If You Gotta Go (digital single)

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  • In 1965, Manfred Mann hit the charts with their version of Bob Dylan's 'If You Gotta Go', and of course this song was immediately included in The Baronets' repertoire, as it perfectly suited the band's R&B style. Now, they have released an updated and more laid-back version.

    The Baronets are most certainly still going strong, and are currently working on original material: Partly unreleased songs written by Frank Lauridsen and Lasse Helner back in the 60's, partly new songs which are in the making. Until then, 'If You Gotta Go' has been recorded and released "con amore", because it's an all time favourite, which simply will not leave their repertoire.