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The LAB Inc.

Crossover - Pop/Soul/Funk/Jazz Fusion

Paying homage to the mantra "More is More", The LAB's distinct hallmark is a complex composition of beats, breaks and surprising chords - fronted by Linda Andrews' powerful vocals.

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The LAB Inc. is an ambitious and uncompromising project with carefully selected Danish A-list musicians, allowing each band member to shine to the max, at the same time challenging both themselves and each other in a super tight and very international musical expression.

The LAB Inc. was established in 2020 during the covid-19 lockdown, when Mikkel Villingshøj (drums) was bored by staying at home and needed something to happen. He reached out to a group of musician friends on facebook asking if they wanted to take part in creating some new music... Linda Andrews immediately replied with a big "YES!!!"

Linda had some unreleased songs "in the drawer" that she had long wanted to have arranged and recorded in a powerful crossover universe, and they agreed to ask Kristof Jasik (keys/arrangement), Søren Reiff (guitar), Andreas Hatholt (bass) and Eliel Lazo (percussion), if they wanted to join in – and fortunately they all loved the idea!


The band's powerful debut single Feelgood Party was released on August 26, 2022 - followed shortly after by the super charged single Recharged on October 7, 2022.

Official video of The LAB's latest single Recharged 
(October, 2022).

Official video of The LAB's debut single Feelgood Party (August, 2022).

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