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Genre: Jazz Fusion. Release: 2022-06-03.

CD in 2 panel digi-sleeve. Shrink-wrapped.


Quadrillion’s original blend of funk, rock and jazz is delivered with electrifying guitar solos, squelching synthesizers, and hard-hitting beats to create an immersive experience of grooves.


Whilst Mathias Heise’s technical wizardry and jazz credentials on harmonica are a constant standout, his choice of band mates keeps the bar consistently high: Powerful metric trickery is provided by drummer Aksel Stadel Borum, alongside the relentlessly funky bass playing of David Vang and the lush harmonic soundscapes of guitarist Mads Christiansen.

Packed with adventurous harmony and chromatically dense melodies, the juxtaposition between unapologetic, in-your-face rock grooves, a crooked 13/8 workout and a strikingly beautiful cinematic ballad showcases the breadth of the ensemble’s capabilities.

In a final unexpected twist, the album ends with the euphoric climax ‘Hopeful Monsters’, which sees the quartet grow to a nine-piece ensemble featuring some of Denmark’s leading young horn players with intricate, syncopated big band-esque arrangements; a fitting end to an inventive, cohesive feat of modern musical innovation.


Track List:

  1. Blue City (6:38) - Watch live video on YouTube
  2. Bad Luck (4:43) - Watch live video on YouTube
  3. Soft Mind (7:15) - Watch live video on YouTube
  4. A Call From Quad (6:22)
  5. Carsten Kalder (7:50) - Watch live video on YouTube
  6. The Beast (5:40)
  7. Bisse Funk (6:40)
  8. Hopeful Monsters (11:12) - Watch official video on YouTube


Mathias Heise (chromatic harmonica/keys)

Mads Christiansen (electric guitar)

David Vang (bass guitar)

Aksel Stadel Borum (drums)


+ special guests (track #8):

Anders Malta (trumpet), Jonas Due (trumpet/flugelhorn), Oilly Wallace (alto sax), Frederick Menzies (tenor sax), and Yohan Ramon (percussion)


Recorded in Sund Sound Recording Studio, Fredensborg (DK)


Produced by Mathias Heise Quadrillion

Mix & Mastering: Lars H. Nissen, LN Sound


Label: Giant Sheep Music


NOTE! Also available on vinyl: GSM0516

Mathias Heise Quadrillion - QUADRILLION (CD)

SKU: GSM0512
  • World champion chromatic harmonica player Mathias Heise brings his Quadrillion project back for a third installment of electrifying jazz fusion, with their eponymous release on Giant Sheep Music.

    Following the success of their 2017 album Decadence with Grammy winning George Duke producer Erik Zobler, the record showcases eight original Heise compositions which have been reworked and refined during a busy touring schedule on Denmark’s vibrant jazz scene.

    QUADRILLION is the sequel to Mathias Heise Quadrillion's debut album 'Sudden Ascent' (2015) followed by 'Decadence' (2017).

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